AKTEK BIOGAS is a global fabricator of Biogas Equipments, Digester Cover Equipments, Gas Control Equipments, Waste Gas Burners/Flares, Flame Arrester - Detonation Arresters with 2 fabrication bases, 2 in Turkey AKTEK BIOGAS has so far successfully completed 1000.000 tons of fabrication and delivered to the erection and OEM sites.
Using advanced manufacturing technology and integrated QA / QC and IT systems AKTEK BIOGAS is geared to remain a consistent and reliable global fabricator
This is a highly advanced facility: located 100 km from Istanbul, within 7 km of international deep-sea ports, built on a 10.000 sqm fenced yard with 4.500 sqm covered fabrication shop space, 2 bays and 5 overhead cranes and has a 5.000 tons / year production capacity. It is equipped with the latest technology including automated and robotic welding, various CNC, NC, PLC, DNC, on-line machines, integrated QA/QC systems, certified destructive and non-destructive examination laboratories, heat treatment furnaces as well as advanced information technology and management information systems and powerful computer hardware with associated design, engineering and simulation software.
BEST PERFORMANCE - 2009        
Total Fabrication 6.000 tons
The design, engineering, supply and fabrication with ASME U Conformity and CE Marking, where applicable, of Pressure Vessels including Pipeline Equipments ,Pig Launchers, Pig Receivers , Pigging Products, Pig Signallers, Pig Skids, Hydrostatic Test Heads, Process Skids with series for  INTERNATIONAL CONTRACTORS, PIPELINE COMPANYS with the largest vessel being 60 tons and 22 m long
Currently available procedures are :
GTAW, GTAW Hotwire, Orbital GTAW
GMAW, Robotic GMAW
Tandem/Twin WireSAW
SMAW, Resistance and Stud Welding

The welders are trained for procedures and certified to standards at the dedicated in city Center for Welder Training.
The tests for qualification of welding procedures are undertaken at the in city Certified Mechanical Test Lab also equipped with Metallographic capability.
Procedure qualification records include materials like P91, P22, 9Ni, Alloy 31, Alloy C276, SB209 5083 (Aluminium), SA213TP 409-347, S690, S460NL, 15NiCuNb5. In city Heat Treatment capacity include a Gas Fired Boogie Furnace, an Electrical Top Hat Furnace, and Electrical Mobile Units.
AKTEK BIOGAScan closely work with you to add value to your products and operations. AKTEK BIOGASoffers anintegrated solution including assessment of your cladding/hard-facing needs, material selection, engineering and fabrication. 

AKTEK BIOGASis equipped with semi-automated and robotic processes comprising GMAW, SAW and Electro Slag (ES) methods capable of depositing a wide range of stainless steel and high alloy grades.  Strip Cladding using strips as wide as 50 mm is commonly applied during pressure vessel manufacturing.  Superior, consistent metallurgical and structural clad integrity is ensured with extensive experience/ knowledge, controlled processes, in-house NDT, metallography and testing aids. 

AKTEK BIOGAShas earned its reputation being relentless pursuer of excellence, International Standards, Specifications and Codes with delivery at a minimum turn around time.

  • ISO 9001:2000
  • TS EN ISO 9001:2008
  • ASME PPU ( Under ASME Agrement )
  • CE-PED-H
  • AD 2000 HP 0 / TRD 201 / DIN EN 729 - 2
  • DIN 18800-7 Class E, DIN 18801, DIN 4132, DIN 4133
  • OHSAS 18001:2007
  • EN 13480-4_12952-5_EN ISO 3834-2                               Click for certification page >>
AKTEK BIOGAS in city has a total of 5.844-sqm space dedicated for surface treatment facilities. There are one dedicated shot blasting (sand and glass, 1.100 sqm) and one dedicated painting facilities (3,744 sqm). / Surface Treatment Facility 3 km.
The Surface Treatment facilities of AKTEK BIOGAS consists of 3 main sections:
- Carbon Steel Abrasive Blasting Halls (including Manual Grit Blasting, Automatic Shot Blasting, and Vacuum Cleaning by Grit)
- Stainless Steel Abrasive Blasting Halls (including Blasting by Glass Bead and Quartz)
- Painting, Coating & Cleaning Halls (inc. Graco Airless Paint Sprays, Metco Metallization Gun, Hot Water Cleaning Unit)
The most common types of paint applied are IOZ (inorganic silicate zinc), various Epoxy types (including Polyamide, Polyamine, Vinyl, Phenolic, Mastic, Coal Tar, Zinc Phosphate), Polyurethane, Acrylic, Alkyds (including Amino-alkyds, Urethane-alkyds) and Silicone based.
In recent years the paint shop has applied very high build coatings (min. 2000 micron) like Barrierpipe and high build high performance polymeric coatings like Belzona.
Flame spraying-metallising-by METCO gun is another process that is applied on request. Moreover the climate inside the paint shop is monitored 24 hrs/day with the help of the Data-logger electronic device that records humidity and temperature