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TP1100M - 8391B - Waste Gas Burner - Candlestick, Auto/Manual Ignition

The AKTEK Model 8391B Waste Gas Burner includes an ignition system with all of the best features available in a waste gas burner. The burner wind shield contains the unique "downdraft prevention" with a bevel design which virtually eliminates the possibility of the flame being blown out. The design also provides the proper air/fuel mixture to ensure an efficient burn. The wind shield will control outside winds, up to 200 MPH, and operates efficiently in heavy rains. This will prevent smoke and odors from permeating the neighborhood.

  • Product Features
  • • Sizes 2" through 12"
  • • All stainless steel construction in flame area
  • • Automatic ignition and re-ignition
  • • Stoichiometric pilot on all burners
  • • Efficient combustion with biogas BTU value as low as 400/cu. ft.
  • • Reliable "downdraft prevention" for wind protection
  • • Flame retention vortex vanes vastly improve burning efficiency
  • • Pilot system operates as low as 9" W.C. (standard components)
  • • Quick, easy maintenance
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TP1200M - 8392B - Waste Gas Burner-Flame Front Ignition Technology

The AKTEK Model 8392B Waste Gas Burner features flame front ignition technology. This technology allows for the pilot ignition to occur at ground level. The "flame front" is contained within pilot ignition piping which is plumbed to the wind shield to ignite the gas stream. Easier maintenance of pilot ignition system is the major advantage of this technology. With typical Candlestick Waste Gas Burners, the pilot ignition system is within the wind shield which is at an elevated position, making it difficult and sometimes dangerous to maintain.

  • Product Features
  • • Inlet Flange Sizes 2" through 12"
  • • All stainless steel construction in combustion area
  • • Automatic ignition and re-ignition
  • • Pilot ignition system at ground level
  • • Stoichiometric pilot on all burners
  • • Efficient combustion with biogas BTU value as low as 400 Icu. Ft.
  • • Pilot System operates with gas pressures as low as 4 INWC
  • • Also available: control panel sunshield
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TP2100M - 8393B - Waste Gas Burner-Fully Enclosed

The AKTEK Model 8393B Fully Enclosed Waste Gas Burner features combustion which occurs in an enclosed stack. The advantages to enclosed combustion include: higher destruction efficiencies, no visible flame, low heat radiation, and minimal noise. This is important for installations which are in or near residential areas. The combustion air flow is controlled by automated louvers. This allows the equipment to keep the combustion process within the temperature limits, allowing for the highest destruction efficiencies. A flame front pilot technology pilot ignition system is used to provide a robust, reliable system and to improve the ability to maintain this system.

  • Product Features
  • • Inlet flange sizes 2" through 12"
  • • High Destruction efficiencies, 98.5% +
  • • Low emissions of: NOx & CO
  • • Fully automated controls
  • • Stack is refractory lined to protect from heat of combustion
  • • Pilot System utilizes Flame Front Ignition Technology
  • • Also available: control panel sunshield